Our Family

Our Family

Questionnaire about Joe and Amy

Favorite hobbies or activities you enjoy are:
Joe: I enjoy taking the 4-wheeler out for a ride as often as I can. I also enjoy running as long as I have a
race to train for. I’m not a competitive runner or anything, I just need something to motivate me and
keep me running.

Amy: I enjoy reading books and playing softball. You can occasionally find me crocheting a blanket.

My favorite summer activity is:

Joe: Spending time with family up at the cabin near Joe’s Valley Reservoir. We take the 4-wheeler and the
fishing poles and have a great time.

Amy: I love to go 4-wheeling and camping. You can usually find us at least once a month at Joe’s family’s cabin.

A book I highly recommend is:
Joe:  Amy is definitely the reader in the family. However, we went on a trip to Yellowstone that involved a lot of driving, so to help pass the time we listened to the book “Unbroken”. It was a great book that followed the life of Louis Zamperini. It was a very inspiring book.
Amy: I don't have a favorite that sticks out.  I love to read, but mostly quick easy reads. I enjoyed the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games, Divergent, Twilight, and Unbroken.

The music I listen to most is:
Joe: I enjoy a wide variety of music. Depending on what I am doing when I am listening, I will listen to anything from Eminem to the Frozen soundtrack.
Amy: I mostly listen to pop rock and Country. But I love a good mix of everything.

My favorite band is:
Joe: My favorite band is Blue October and I try to catch their show anytime they come to Salt Lake.
Amy: My favorite band is probably One Republic. I mostly like single vocalists though. Carrie Underwood is my favorite.

A movie I watch over and over is:
Joe: Tommy Boy is still my all time favorite movie. However, some of my other favorites include: Gladiator, the new Batman series, Armageddon, and Bridesmaids.

Amy: There are a few. I just have too many favorites! I love Pitch Perfect, the Proposal, Baby Mama, What Happens in Vegas, The Notebook, and Bridesmaids.

A T.V. show I watch regularly is:
Joe: Most of my favorite shows are no longer on the air (Friends, Arrested Development, The Office, Breaking Bad) However, if I am picking from shows currently on air, I would have to go with the Walking Dead or Parks & Recreation.
Amy: Friends has always been a favorite. A couple new favorites are The Walking Dead and Parenthood.  I may or may not also have a recent addiction to HDTV; I love watching the home remodeling shows.

My favorite thing to buy is:
Joe: TV's:) I obviously don't go out and buy them every month, but when I have a need for a TV I love to do my research and find the coolest new features for my new TV.
Amy: I just love shopping in general. Amazon.com is my favorite website. I love the 2 days shipping! Clothes are always fun to shop for and any new gadgets.

I drive a:
Joe: I mostly drive a 2002 Honda Civic to commute to work in each day and its more economical. However, I like to take our 2012 Ford F-150 whenever I get the chance.
Amy: To Joe's dismay, I am mostly seen in our 2012 Ford F-150 truck. We have an old Honda Civic that is a champ and gets great gas mileage.

If I could afford anything at this moment I would buy:
Joe: If I could afford anything I would probably just pay our house off so that I wouldn't have to worry about that expense anymore. If I had to buy something, likely I would say a car so we can save some miles on my truck:)
Amy: A new car. I would love to have a sedan and not use the truck as much. It would be much nicer to run errands in.

If my house was burning down and I could only rescue three things, they would be:
Joe: My wife and daughter would be the first thing, then our computer since it has many of our pictures and family documents on it.
Amy: My family first and pictures/photo albums. Our wedding was long enough ago that our pictures are not digital.

My favorite sport to watch is:
Joe: I enjoy all sports, but if I were forced to pick one it would be my Denver Broncos. I was born and raised to love the Broncos and I love watching them on Sundays.
Amy: Due to Joe's influence, I really enjoy the NFL. We are big fans of the Denver Broncos. 

My favorite restaurant is:
Joe: Flemings Steakhouse. I don't get to go too often because its pretty pricey, but they have the best steak out there. My favorite place for lunch is Cafe Rio. The grilled chicken salad is phenomenal!
Amy: I absolutely love the Melting Pot! It's fun and so good. We often eat out at Cafe Rio, Texas Roadhouse, and we enjoy Flemings as well.

My favorite meal is:
Joe: There are two things that once I start eating it I just can't stop. Those items are pizza & tacos. I can't get enough of either of them.
Amy: Pizza is definitely a favorite. I tend to lean towards Italian foods as my first choice. Mexican food comes in as a close second.

My first paying job was:
Joe: Mowing lawns. I mostly mowed home lawns of people in town and also a couple of the local hotels.
Amy: Babysitting was the first, but my first official job was at Wheeler Historic Farm. I was a party hostess and cashier/clerk.

A smell that reminds me of my childhood is:
Joe: The smell of fresh cut grass. I mowed a lot of lawns growing up. From the time I was about 12 until I graduated high school, I always had at least a couple lawns in town that I mowed for a little extra spending money. Not to mention we had a really big yard and I was typically the one that mowed it.
Amy: The smell of grass and pine-trees.  I loved playing outside and preferred that to playing with dolls. Pine-trees remind me of camping. Our family loved to go camping every summer and still do.  I think my Dad has every camping gadget you could ever want.

My favorite color to wear is:
Joe: I definitely have more blue shirts than any other color in my closet. Part of that is my favorite teams both wear blue (Broncos & USU Aggies). The majority of my work shirts are blue as well.
Amy: I don't have a favorite color, but I'm often seen in browns, blacks, grays, and coral.

My strangest possession is:
Joe: My strangest possession is probably my Tebowing shirt. I am a big Tim Tebow fan and a big Broncos fan. So when Tebow mania hit, I joined in the fun and bought a Tebowing shirt.
Amy: I don't think they are strange, but they are different. We have a few items from our trips that we like to display. We have a silk rug from Turkey, Wooden games from Croatia and Mexico, a hand-painted nativity from Turkey, some carved wooden home decor from Hawaii and a beautiful hand-painted painting from Greece.

My favorite dessert is:
Joe: I recently experienced a Reese’s molten lava cake a Chilis, it was hands down the best dessert I have ever tasted! I love peanut butter and I love chocolate. This was an incredible touch of each!
Amy: Anything with chocolate and peanut butter! It's the perfect mix.

When I exercise, I like to:
Joe: I like to run. I like to throw my earphones in and hit the pavement. Running is just a great chance to burn some calories and clear our head all at the same time.
Amy: I usually workout to p90x and t-25 videos or ride a recumbent bike. I wish I could get into running, but I just don't like it and it hurts!

My favorite thing to do on a date is:
Joe: Amy and I have always been movie -goers!! There is little else we would rather do then catch a good movie.
Amy: Dinner and a movie is our usual. I also enjoy going to concerts and shows. Our favorite show we have seen was Wicked. Joe even agrees.

The best vacation I ever had was:
Joe: Like Amy I would have to say our 10 days in Hawaii were the most relaxing. We rented a Mustang for our time on Oahu and a Camaro for our time on Kauai.  Just cruising around with the top down was a blast! Our cruise in the Mediterranean was a one of a kind experience as well. We were able to see parts of the world that I never imagined I would get to see. It was a great experience.
Amy: It's a toss-up. The most relaxing and enjoyable trip was to Kauai, Hawaii.  The weather was perfect and we had no agendas. We really enjoyed exploring and finding waterfalls. The most memorable vacation we have been on was our Mediterranean Cruise. We had never been to Europe, so this allowed us to see a few places. We went to Venice, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, and Greece. Our favorite place was Oia, Greece. It’s the village with all of the white buildings overlooking the ocean. Just beautiful!!

The best thing about being married is:
Joe: Having someone to share everything with. While we have very different professions, our interests outside of work are very similar which makes life more interesting and enjoyable.
Amy: Having a best friend. Joe and I have many similar interests and I love when he makes me laugh.

The thing I am most passionate about is:
Joe: I would have to say being a dad. Its something I have always wanted to do and it’s even better than advertised!
Amy: Being a mother and my job. I absolutely love being a mom and I am always trying to find new activities to do with Ellie. I also enjoy being a nurse and find it important to take care of my patients as best I can. I love to teach them about their medical conditions and answer any questions they have.

What attracted you to your spouse?
Joe: The first thing that drew me to Amy, were some of her hobbies. She could bake a delicious chocolate chip cookie, which told me she could cook. She had an afghan in her room that she crocheted herself, which told me should had a hand for crafts, and she wanted to be a nurse which told me she was a caring person. I didn't base my decision to propose on these things, but its what brought me back to learn more.
Amy: I have to say Joe's fun personality did. I remember when we were at Snow College and all I ever heard about was Joe Fail. He was so fun and lively. At first, I thought he might be a little too crazy for me and we would just have a little fling, but little did I know that he was a great match for me.

What's your favorite animal?
Joe: Like Amy, I would have to lean towards dogs. I had a few dogs growing up, but they were always outside dogs. My first indoor pet was our dog Xander.
Amy: I have always loved dogs. I grew up with two cocker spaniels. About 2 years into our marriage, we adopted Xander. He was a mini schnauzer. We had to put him down just recently. It was so hard! We sure miss him.