Our Family

Our Family


Ellie joined our family in August 2012 through adoption. She has brought us so much joy to our family! We continue to have an open adoption with her birth-parents and their families. We talk to them through phone calls, texts, or visits. She is 2 years old now. She is such a lively and fun girl to have around. She is definitely a busy body and loves to go go go. She enjoys dancing, reading books, playing outside, and learning to be as independent as possible. It's so fun to teach and listen to her learn new words.

2 years old

Silly girl. I just love how this shows her personality.

1 1/2 years old

1 Year old

She loves to support Daddy and the Broncos!

Ellie with Uncle Kaleb

Ellie with Aunt Mindy and her cousins

Ellie with her Fail cousins

Ellie and Grandpa Fail

At the San Diego Zoo

Our first day at home together

Ellie and Grandma and Grandpa Romney

Her 1 year birthday party cake

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