Our Family

Our Family

Joe and Amy

We met in 2003 at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah through a friend of Amy's. We dated 4 months and got engaged and then married 3 months later! 

This is a picture of our first date. Joe took Amy on a 4-wheeler ride up Fairview Canyon. He planned a picnic too. We think its fun to have a picture of this! Not many people do.

 Our Wedding April 1, 2004

 We dressed up as 1920's character's for a murder mystery dinner game. We had a lot of fun for the first few years of our marriage. 

Xander joined our family in 2005.

We love going to concerts. This is a picture of us at the U2 concert

Here we are at the Christina Perri concert. Joe surprised Amy with tickets as part of our 10 year anniversary surprise.

 This last September we went to the Katy Perry concert. It was a blast!

We also love to travel. We have been on a couple cruises. One on a mediterranean cruise and the other to mexico. It's a fun way to travel.

 We enjoyed repelling and zip-lining on one of our cruise excursions.

One of our favorite vacations was to Hawaii just prior to Ellie joining our family. We had a blast hiking to waterfalls, cruising in the convertible, and just hanging out.
Helicopter ride in Kauai that we both got sick on!

Hiking fun


We also love to go 4-wheeling, movie dates, fishing, and family time. 

We have really enjoyed the past 10 1/2 years together. We are best friends and have many similar interests. We had a few years of infertility that were rough, but we felt like it grew us closer together 
and helped us enjoy our time together.

Our 10th wedding anniversary. Joe planned it all with dinner at the Melting Pot, a movie, couples massage, and a new ring! What a guy!

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